What is The Network?


The Social Media Network loves everything social. This means exploring social media, where we are able to creatively construct and exhibit identities of both personal and business. This means enjoying social events, where we are able to meet both professionals and students, and share what we are currently getting our hands busy with. The Social Media Network aims to provide students with opportunities to be a part of and learn more about everything “social,” and ensure the experience is as fun as it is rewarding.


We want to show students that when they combine “social” and “media” they provide themselves with an array of digital instruments that are available right at their fingertips, no pun intended. Through various media formats, students can see that the online world provides so much space in industry sectors like marketing, communications, public relations, and design. The Social Media Network aims to give students the chance to understand social media, and learn how they can fully and effectively utilize the tools in their present or future professional plans and endeavors.


The Social Media Network strives to create exactly that: a thriving social media network and community where an intricate web of connections exists between both students and professionals.

Our various events, such as workshops, social media agency tours, club socials, and panels, are designed to teach students the importance social media has in today’s society. However, they are even more so intended to open up ways for students to meet other students of similar interests, as well as industry professionals.

We aim to build, foster, and establish a network, of which we hope everybody, especially you, to join.


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