Meet the team


Yuvraj Singh

If Netflix and procrastination were a club, Yuvraj would be president of that club too. When he is not busy drowning in school work or junk food, he likes to curl up on his couch with a good book and some hot coffee before unintentionally spilling it on himself and ending up with fourth degree burns. Juggling 3rd year Communication courses with a Club can be challenging, but with an amazing team who tolerates his randomness, Yuvraj believes he can take SMN to new heights! Fun Fact: His nickname is Simba, but his twin’s name is not Nala.


Sharona Mandagie
Director of Internal Operations

Sharona is a 4th year (but really 6th year) Communication student with a passion for memes and social media. She recently wrote a 15 page academic paper on memes and her professor said it was the strangest yet best papers he’s ever read. Not only is she a meme queen, she considers herself to be a pop culture guru and a big Drake enthusiast.


Arturo Bustillos
Director of Events

Arturo is a fifth-year business major, who loves marketing. He loves reading mystery books, and watching shows like How to get away with murder, and Stranger Things. In his free time, he wonders about the meaning of life, makes websites, and laughs at the same jokes he heard years ago.


Nishee Patel
Director of Events

Nishee is a second-year business student who is also a photography enthusiast, traveller and foodie. Days where she can leave home and explore the city are her favorite. Her weekend hangouts include cute cafés, mindful conversations and interesting people. You’ll never find her missing out on an adventure.


Tasneem Kurtu
Director of Events

Tasneem (Taz) is a Communications major, and loves everything to do with social media and travel. Like any other millennial Vancouverite, you’ll find Taz either scoping out the best coffee shops around Vancouver, or wandering the city taking photos for her blog. She strongly enjoys and appreciates the use of puns and play-on-words; after all, she finds them absolutely “fantaztic.”


Vidya Persad
Social Media Coordinator

Vidya is a third-year student pursuing a joint major in Psychology and Marketing. Exploring the deep realms of the social world has always stimulated her curiosity. Between possessing the responsibilities and powers of a coffee barista, as well as being a full- time homework procrastinator, she is always up for a good time. As she would say, “oh you know, just saving people’s lives, one coffee at a time.”


Joselyn Hernandez
Social Media Coordinator

Joselyn is a foodie who loves to watch cooking videos, but ironically hates cooking. During her free time she mainly watches Netflix, but once in awhile she enjoys taking long walks in the park or at the beach to watch the sunset. A must-know fact about Joselyn is that she doesn’t like sushi, and not because she does not try to like it.


Hector Bustillos
Creative Director

Hector is a second year-ish Interactive arts and technology student and the former TV lead producer for IATSU TV. He has a compulsive obsession for samosas, corn dogs, sushi and anything greasy and unhealthy. If you feed him when he is hungry, he’ll repay you with a hug and lots of love. Plus, he enjoys long walks on the beach and is super cool. Swipe him Right.


Jordan Yep
Director of Videography

Jordan is a fourth year student pursuing a joint major in Communication and Interactive Arts and Technology. He’s an avid videographer, along with being a coffee lover. Because every good student needs their coffee! He’s also an avid foodie, loving to try new restaurants and cafes. You’ll also find him catching up on British dramas (Whovian and Sherlock fan for life!) and other various TV shows when he’s not busy studying or designing!


Juvina Silvestre
Platform Case Competition Chair, 2017

Juvina is described as nurturing and sensible by her closest friends. Even in the toughest times, she believes that a smile and a positive attitude will help her and people around her feel hopeful and evolve over time. To express this determination artistically, she is inspired to ink “Smile” to her wrist on her 22nd birthday. In the following year, she hopes to overcome all challenges with this mindset. Her goal is to help post-secondary students participating in Platform Case Competition grow in their own terms by making the event successful and accessible to everyone in Metro Vancouver.

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