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Platform Case Competition:

Platform is now hiring! Join The Organizing Committee for Platform Case Competition 2016.

Platform is back for its second year and is looking for four highly motivated individuals to join our Organizing team!

For all applications, please fill in this form and email your resume to

Positions available:

  1. Sponsorship Coordinator (1)
  2. Marketing Coordinator (1)
  3. Creative Director (1)
  4. Operations Manager (1)


Application period: Friday, 18th – Wed, 30th (11:59 p.m.)
Interview period: Monday Oct, 5th – Sun, 11th
Announcement: Wednesday, 14th Oct
First meeting:TBA


Sponsorship Coordinator


  • Composing relevant sponsorship materials, such as the sponsorship package, proposals and emails, in coordination with the Platform Chair
  • Identify and secure monetary and in-kind sponsors through cold-calling and various sponsorship strategies
  • Deliver sponsorship materials to potential sponsors, as well as relay information about sponsorship benefits
  • Foster and maintain relationships with prospective and existing sponsors


  • Remain persistent despite receiving constant sponsorship rejections.
  • Ability to self-regulate, motivate, and take initiative
  • Possess strong written and verbal communication skills, while demonstrating strong professionalism


Creative Designer

Please submit your portfolio along with your resume.


  • Maintain and update the Platform website in a timely manner
  • Create and design promotional materials, such as physical and online visual content that adhere to Platform’s brand image
  • Create and design additional correspondences, such as business cards, sponsorship materials and participant packages
  • Be in charge of photography during all preceding events, such as workshops, and on the day of the competition


  • Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suites (Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Proficiency with WordPress
  • Able to create and/or revise graphic materials within tight deadlines
  • Previous experience with photography is an asset


Operations Manager


  • Prepare clear, detailed meeting minutes, and relay them to the rest of the team in a timely manner
  • Determine team availabilities and handle all scheduling, such as for bi-weekly team meetings and workshops
  • Reach out to other institutions, and/or relevant student organizations
  • Assist the Platform Chair in composing and responding to emails
  • Act as one of the two point of contacts for all inquiries.


  • Clear sense of professionalism demonstrated through online and offline communication
  • Ability to visualize timeliness and manage strict deadlines
  • Possess a strong sense of organization, time management and initiation


Marketing Coordinator


  • Plan and execute marketing strategies to increase recognition of Platform and solidify Platform’s brand image
  • Manage all Platform’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with a consistent voice
  • Create engaging content and social media campaigns that encourage online conversations and interactions from followers
  • Manage live-tweets during all Platform’s events


  • ability to write in a creative, yet clear manner
  • ability to demonstrate knowledge on various social media tools and their corresponding functions
  • Prior experience with marketing is an asset

**Note: In addition to position-specific duties, each member will form the basis along with the Platform Chair of the Platform and other organizing members, and will have the opportunity to help plan the event itself.**

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