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SMN Stories: Mother Nature (Recap)

Written by Anneliese Herbosa, Content Manager of The Social Media Network 2013-14.

Last week, we invited the Tweeters and Instagram-ers who have a penchant for mobile photography/videography to capture one of mother nature’s wonderful creations. We wanted to know what your favourite nature scene during the summer was, and you answered by sharing visually appealing media. Here’s a compilation of the entries that we received:

Instagram submissions

@makukiko: False Creek. I feel blessed that I have this beautiful fusion of nature and concrete while I jog :)

@ahrbs: Rainfall in the city of Vancouver is a common occurrence. Typically, I would be complaining about the rain because I’m not a huge fan of commuting in such weather. Lugging around the umbrella, throwing on my boots, wearing my raincoat…not my favourite thing in the world (though if I happen to be inside all day, then I don’t mind at all). But I realized that without rain, all the plants and trees and flowers on the earth would not be living. Water is required for them to grow. And to deprive them of their growth…well, that isn’t very nice. So here’s to a beautiful rainy summer day in Vancouver. After all, Mr. Suncouver deserves a day off every once in a while, right?

@eatingwithkirby: My favorite nature sight of the summer is standing on top of a mountain in Whistler seeing all the beautiful greenery British Columbia has to offer. We are truly lucky people to be living in Vancity.

@orane_cheung: Playing soccer just as the sun sets. Love these warm summer nights.

@dianachan8: Love Queen Elizabeth Park! Beautiful, trees, flowers and a view of downtown.

@jooliarry: With the weather being so nice in Vancity lately the views you get from the seawall are beautiful all around :)

@fatpandavan: Sparkling Hill resort. My favorite place to relax, take in the beauty of our beautiful British Columbia!


Twitter submission

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s #SMNstories! Mother Nature really doesn’t get as much credit as she deserves.

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Featured Image courtesy of Gerald Cruz.

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