Our SFU Chapter Soars to New Heights with “Blast Off”

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Our SFU Chapter Soars to New Heights with “Blast Off”

Written by Anneliese Herbosa, Content Manager of The Social Media Network 2013-14.

What do the moon and The Social Media Network have in common? They’re both out of this world! This past month, our Simon Fraser University chapter has been hard at work promoting their latest projects and initiatives across all 3 campuses. Last week, as part of their Fall recruitment efforts, they hosted their very first kickoff event – a deviation from their regular information session.

The event, called ‘Blast Off’, showcased the various opportunities prospective members had in getting involved. Attendees were also given the chance to network and connect with local industry professionals, and participate via social media for a chance to win some sweet (and we mean sweet) prizes. To top it off, their lovable mascot ‘SMN Bot’ had agreed to take some time out of his extremely busy schedule to make a special appearance and entertain their guests.

Recultured: Rethink. Recreate. Reclaim.

Our two-year-old blog regulated by undergrads serves as a unique outlet for students to exercise their writing skills within the blogosphere. Writing with much creative freedom, connecting and collaborating with like-minded peers both online and offline, as well as building one’s portfolio, are just some of the many perks that come with joining the rad Recultured blogging team.

Epicentr: Social starts here.

For some small business owners, getting into the groove of social media while navigating the complex digital realm may seem like quite the daunting feat. This is where Epicentr comes in: the first social media agency run by students. Through Epicentr, we strive to couple local businesses unsure of where to begin with teams of students that are keen on applying their working knowledge of social media strategy and execution.

SMN Bot sandwiched between Epicentr Agency Director (Orane) and Recultured Editor-in-Chief (Dulce).

Platform: Intercollegiate Social Media Case Competition

Case competitions are nothing new, but social media-centric case comps are few and far between. These days, there is never a shortage of scenarios where social plays an integral role in a business’ overall strategy – and it is through Platform we aim to deconstruct them. We are in the midst of organizing this interactive event set to take place next spring, so stay tuned for further details.

SMN Bot next to our effervescent case competition chair (Patricia)

Vancouver’s Social Media Awards 2014

Following the success of the inaugural Social Media Awards which took place earlier this year, next year’s awards night is a night you most certainly won’t want to miss. With a spankin’ new look and feel, a few new award categories, among other exciting “new’s”, you’ll have to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest updates.

Karm of Vancity Buzz (2014 title sponsor) + our Founder (Mark)

The 2013 SMA’s feels like it was just yesterday… Here’s Karm of Vancity Buzz (our returning 2014 title sponsor!) and our Founder (Mark) looking rather dapper in their suits and ties at last year’s inaugural event.

A Digital Innovation Company & Entertainment/Lifestyle Online Magazine

We were fortunate to have representatives from Invoke and AX3 Battery, respectively, chat with students about the fascinating multifaceted work that they do. Attendees were able to get up close and personal with these industry professionals to get a taste of what it’s like to work in their specific areas of expertise. It was also a great opportunity for students to get advice on how they can further their personal and professional development while still in school.

A representative from Invoke – all smiles with SMN Bot!

Representatives from Invoke Labs and Invoke Media all set up and ready to drop some truth bombs on students!

Thumbs up for AX3 x SFUSMN!

The gents from AX3 Battery telling students all about their webzine

SMN Bot: Possibly the Only Bot You Can’t Not Fall In Love With

Don’t worry – this Bot does anything but spam you (unless you consider it smothering you with high-fives and fist bumps as spammy). Don’t be fooled by his exterior – SFU SMN’s official mascot is a green robot with a huge heart. He’s also pretty photogenic, if we should say so ourselves… not to mention charming.

Because who wouldn’t want to be greeted at the door with thumbs up and flowers? SMN Bot next to SFU SMN’s President (Vuitton)

How you doin’?

We are thrilled to see this collegiate chapter continue to attract students who are keen on gaining valuable experience. We strive to help our members grow both personally and professionally through developing their working knowledge and application of new and social media. We can’t wait to see SFU SMN continue to thrive and soar to new heights. Keep reaching for the stars – onwards and upwards!

Can we say #SMNlove? Yes, yes we can. The passionate and hard-working individuals behind SFU SMN’s executive team.

Who are the social media-savvy students behind SFU SMN’s executive team? You can find the full roster here.

Twitter: @SFUSMN | Facebook: /TheSMN

Images featured in this post courtesy of our very own Abbas Virji and Julian Fok.

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