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#SMNFauxPas Contest

November Contest Alert // #SMNFauxPas

The Story: SMN Bot has just returned from a long vacation. But alas, too much sun and a bit too much fun IRL has caused the Bot to forget its social media etiquette!

What you should do: Help SMN compile a list of social media faux pas to remind the Bot of what NOT to do when on social media– whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn!

How to submit on Facebook/Instagram:

  •  Write your social media Don’ts on the comment section of the #SMNFauxPas post on Facebook/Instagram
  •  Include the hashtag #SMNFauxPas

How to submit on Twitter:

  • Tweet your social media Don’ts and include the hashtag #SMNFauxPas

Additional Notes:

  • The contest will end at midnight on Friday, November 20
  • No repeats! Make sure you comment / tweet ASAP and check the #SMNFauxPas hashtag stream. If someone took your idea first then you gotta think of something else.
  • All entries must include the hashtag #SMNFauxPas
  • You can post as much as you want. The more entries, the higher the chance of your name getting picked in the prize draw!

Speaking of prizes…

  • There will be 2 winners for the #SMNFauxPas contest
  • Winners will be picked from a draw
  • The winners will each get a gift card from H&M!!! There are more prizes to be announced later 😉
  • The winners will also be involved with creating a new cover photo for SMN’s social media.

Get posting to win! The SMN Bot will greatly appreciate your help 😉

(Contest is open to all post-secondary students in BC)

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  • Viktoriya Maya

    Don’t forget to spell check :) #SMNFauxPas

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