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#SMNFauxPas– Social Media Don’ts

Know your social media etiquette and avoid committing the following social media faux pas. These #SMNFauxPas were submitted by the social media aficionados of SFU and compiled by the SMN team. 

On Your Social Media Account

  • Not having a consistent name for all social media pages
  • Posting huge blocks of unformatted text
  • Personally messaging your friends to see why they haven’t liked your post
  • Asking professionals to add you/follow you on your social media accounts
  • Never replying to anyone on social media


On Your Social Media Content

  • All buzz words, no content
  • Posting about a world event/holiday and making it just about your brand
  • Constantly writing in capital letters. It’s as if you’re yelling at your audience
  • Using extremely colourful language (i.e. Curse words or inappropriate language)
  • Oversharing. Some things are best left private
  • Trying too hard to be on trend with Internet talk when you’re a brand.
  • Not reading before sharing content
  • Grammatical errors
  • Sharing the same content on multiple social media channels at the exact same time, without tailoring it for each one


On Facebook

  • Having  full-blown conversations with someone in the comments section of Facebook – no one wants to see all those notifications
  • Sending strangers friend requests on Facebook
  • Accepting friend requests from strangers
  • Liking/sharing people’s oldest Facebook pictures to resurface all the embarrassing pictures onto the news feed
  • Not using a shortened link and having most of your post ending with com/fjsdfjs987fdsjs9df79fsjlsuf9d7fljljlfjsldfsf7979s7fsf….
  • Not checking to see if you’re tagging the right person/page
  • Commenting on people’s posts (Videos, pics, etc) with hurtful/rude comments– Keep the negativity to yourself!
  • Major (over 90%) high-key, side eye, vague Facebook posts
  • Sending game requests to random strangers


On Facebook Chat

  • Having long, one-on-one conversations in a Facebook group chat that all the other members have to read over
  • When you tell yourself you’ll respond to a private message later, and then forget.


On Instagram

  • Liking someone’s 172 week old Instagram post
  • Using more than 20 hashtags on Instagram
  • Having a million hashtags on Instagram to get likes
  • Posting more than one Instagram photo in a row
  • Adding punctuation onto your hashtag and breaking it up, example:#can‘tstopwon’tstop
  • Posting selfies every single day
  • Spamming posts or comments
  • Posting the same post twice


On Specialized Hashtags

  • Choosing a hashtag for your event/brand without checking if it’s already in use
  • Utilizing the wrong hashtags when posting about events


On YouTube

  • Fighting in the YouTube comments over who was “first” to watch
  • Self-promo comments on other people’s YouTube videos, like “If you liked this video, you’ll definitely love my channel! Come subscribe to me!”


On Twitter

  • Subtweeting
  • Tweet it, don’t spam it
  • Improper use of mentions and replies on Twitter
  • Sending automated “Thanks for following” direct messages


On LinkedIn

  • Sending LinkedIn invitations without a personal message
  • Having an unprofessional LinkedIn profile picture
  • Not taking advantage of custom vanity URLs for LinkedIn


On Snapchat

  • Snapchat everyone exactly what you put on your snap story
  • Having a 100+ second snapstory about the same thing and nothing interesting
  • Sending someone a 1 second Snapchat, not even giving them enough time to look at it


On Self Promotion

  • Liking your own photos/comments
  • Humblebragging
  • Feeling the need to post every opinion to you have about everything in huge blocks of text on your feed (P.S. start a blog!) #tldr
  • Commenting follow for follow on Instagram pictures to promote yourself


On Misspellings

  • Spelling the recipient’s name wrong


On Photos

  • Don’t post someone else’s photo without a photo credit and/or asking
  • Posting blurry/low quality photos


On Negative Emotions

  • Posting images/comments that negatively affect your brand
  • Posting hateful or passive aggressive messages
  • Being a keyboard warriors
  • Believing everything you see on social media to be true or real


There you have it! Have anything to add? Comment below.


Congratulations to Annie and Alice for winning the #SMNFauxPas contest! Since the SMN Bot now knows its social media etiquette, it went to enjoy our winners’ favourite vacation. We’re jealous.

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